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Web Design Norwich

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Our dedicated SEO team have a proven track record for meeting and exceeding clients expectations. SEO is now more than link building. A lot has changed since our partners first started offering SEO as a service. Link building is still one of the corner stone’s to a successful SEO campaign. We use a mixture of Link building, and community driven techniques to help clients build their SEO the natural way. We are constantly one step ahead of the game, which enables us to provide clients with excellent results. Fast.

PPC – Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest way for clients to have visitors and potential customers directed to their site. Our PPC specialists work with Google, Yahoo and Bing to create compelling adverts to help drive your PPC campaign forward. Your adverts can be shown across all the major search engines as well as places like YouTube, MySpace, facebook and the various content networks. You will have complete control over how we manage your campaigns and what info you want included in the ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Objective design can offer you an excellent affiliate marketing service, the main benefit of affiliate marketing if you haven’t come across the term before is; You only pay for extra sales generated by the affiliates! We agree a commission when setting the campaign up and you only ever pay on the sales you get from the affiliates sending you additional traffic. With over 100 affiliates within our network we know we can give your website a good increase in traffic and sales.

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